When I met Rachel Ackley only a few short months ago it was at a yoga studio that I walked in to "just try out" (Gritty Buddha, Glen Cove NY). After a few regular yoga classes that showed me Rachel's wonderful gift for teaching yoga, her personal grace, her soothing presence, she invited me to attend one of her group breathwork workshops.  When I entered the space that Rachel had prepared in the studio I knew already that I was safe. Safe physically, safe from any judgement, any ridicule, any fear that I might not 'do it right'. In fact, I knew intuitively that within that space I was immune to any harm, that no hurt could find me there. That is the power and gentleness of her presence. I am honored to have met her, and thrilled to have experienced two deeply moving breathwork sessions that have already shifted terrible emotional wounds towards healing. These are wounds that I have wrestled with for years, wounds that very nearly killed me(quite literally) many times. In my heart lives deep love and respect for Rachel and the work that she does, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the time and presence she gives to all around her, and for teaching me to engage in an effective emotional healing practice that I can increasingly use in my own time.”- Philp H.

 "I was lucky enough to encounter Rachel through my Yoga Teacher Training. Her instruction revealed a deep knowledge of Yoga Philosophy and various mind-body modalities and her passion for this work was unmistakable. As I took her yoga classes, I again was able to experience first-hand her gift for teaching that clearly comes from an intuitive place. Her expert level attention to both body and mind, as well as to both individual student and group energy, is nourished by the time and energy she has devoted to building her repertoire - yet, in practice, this comes through as a sense of ease and grace. I was also able to attend various sessions of breathwork that Rachel has led and the experience itself was extremely powerful, however, it was the safe and caring energy that Rachel is able to create and embody that allows for these breathwork sessions to have the profound impact that they do. For anybody anxious about taking the first steps into a yoga practice or for a seasoned yogi, rest assured that Rachel is the perfect person to elevate your experience!" - Marianna G.

 "I had an amazing experience in my breathwork session with Rachel. Being new to the practice, I was a little unsure of what to expect, but Rachel blew my expectations. Rachel was calm and gently guided me into the breathwork. During our session, Rachel helped show me how to allow my mind to let go, guiding me through a truly transformational experience. After experiencing, it's undeniable how impactful breathwork is and how helpful Rachel is as an instructor." - Carly M.

"I first met Rachel as a yoga student. She guides with a bright light, genuine spirit and serene soul. Her teaching continues to inspire me to dig deeper, physically and spiritually, both on and off the mat. I recently experienced a healing breath work ceremony with Rachel. I was transported to another place and felt both cleansed and rejuvenated after the experience. Rachel is authentic, compassionate and a true healer. I am so grateful that God has brought her into my life and look forward to receiving her gifts in the future." - Michele B.

"Sometimes in life, someone comes along that can profoundly help people. This is Rachel Ackley. Rachel has the glow of an angel and the focus of a warrior. Her mere presence is calming and uplifting. I met Rachel at the Gritty Buddha when she conducted a class on the evening of August full moon with Daniel from Universal Bliss. The word class, I learned later, came nowhere near to describing it. It was a large group of people gathered in a circle to do what I thought was meditation. Enter Rachel and the practice of breathwork. Rachel taught us all how to breathe in twice, one into the belly and once into the upper chest and out through your mouth. It sounds simple but when done right takes focus. Once I mastered it, I was on my way to a place where my brain shut off and my body was in control. I found peace and upheaval all in one. The combination of breathwork and sound alchemy brought in by Daniel was beyond intense. I left the studio cleansed and open. I know this sounds nuts. You have to experience it to understand it. I can honestly say I am more conscious of what enlightened means. It's still elusive, but I am getting a grasp on it. I know my body better adn use this technique for resetting any fear or anxiety. Thank you Rachel for such a gift." - Roxy

"Rachel has a dynamic way of teaching. Her message are not only heard throughout class, but felt through the movements. A true class of connection of the mind and body. The breath work I experienced with Rachel was similar to an outer body experience - something that I felt emotionally, physically and spiritually." - Lauren C.

“Rachel’s classes always get me out of my head and into my body & breath. She has a unique and gentle way of motivating and challenging her students throughout class while staying true to the practice of yoga." - Julie B.