Private Yoga Sessions

I offer private, as well as group sessions to people at any level. Whether you are looking to balance your energy, detoxify, relax and restore, or have another goal in mind, I am available to guide you in your yoga practice. Yoga is known for it's ability to improve overall health and wellness.

Sessions can take place in studio, on Zoom or in the comfort of your own home. The duration of each session is up to you.


Breathwork for Resistance

I offer private, group and corporate breathwork sessions to get to the root of any challenges you may be facing. Breathwork is a natural tool that helps to ease and manage stress. It has the ability to enhance one's clarity and creative expression.

Sessions can take place in studio, a workspace, on Zoom or in the comfort of your own home. Each session lasts for 66 minutes.


"For those of you who know Rachel, you’ll agree that she is warm, graceful, creative and fierce! Over the past year, I’ve taken several of her interesting and unique yoga classes, and each is transformational in one way or another. So, when Rachel invited me to participate in her breath-work workshop, I immediately signed up. While I didn’t know the first thing about ‘breath-work’, I trusted that it would be as transformative as her other classes.

From the moment that I stepped into the curated, sacred space that Rachel created, I felt that I had just embarked on an wondrous journey. From the sound bath to the full moon ceremony, I listened, followed her gentle and clear instruction and allowed myself to be led deep within to uncover things that I didn’t even realize I was holding onto. Rachel is a gifted teacher who uses powerful methods to show us that we have everything we need to nurture and heal ourselves. It’s apparent how passionate Rachel is about the breath-work tool in particular, which makes her the very person you want teaching and leading you on your own personal journey. I know that I couldn’t ask for a more graceful guide than the beautiful soul that is Rachel Ackley. I recommend both Rachel and Rachel’s method of breath-work VERY highly. My words cannot do justice, nor describe the compassion and love I always feel when I’m in her presence."

- Adrienne Garland, CEO, She Leads Media