Growing up on a farm in central New York, I loved being outdoors. I felt a strong connection to nature and enjoyed being active. I participated in a variety of athletic activities in my youth, and in college I studied Sports Management, Wellness & Fitness and then received my Master’s degree in Health Promotion. This trajectory was sensible and what I thought was expected of me, but I lacked a true sense of direction. In 2008, trusting my heart and intuition, I moved to Long Island.  Soon after, I discovered yoga while traveling.  I had no idea that the practice would become my passion and transform my life.

At the time of this discovery, I was feeling stuck; trapped in unhealthy patterns that began in childhood. At the age of nine, my parents divorced. Of my siblings, I remember taking the divorce the hardest. I struggled with worrying about my father, going between two homes, and feeling loved. In my late teens, I found myself taking more risks and pushing boundaries. Instead of dealing with my feelings, I would avoid them by using substances to numb myself, which left me feeling even emptier inside. I spent many years in the wrong relationships—relationships that were imbalanced. I am naturally a giver, which can be depleting if the exchange, is not equal. Resistance in relationships has showed up in the form of physical pain.



When I finally decided to let go of one unhealthy relationship, and the guilt and lack of emotional support that accompanied it, my pain went away.



I was getting closer to realizing my path, but it took an especially stressful experience to really alter my existence. I remember the day clearly: After a taxing day at work, I was driving across a bridge feeling completely numb. The thought crossed my mind of steering the car right off of the bridge. After suffering a severe panic attack, I wound up in the hospital, barely able to breathe, feeling heavy and drained. I knew then that I needed to make a change. I made a decision that I would start listening to the calling in my heart and soul. The more I listened to myself and what felt right, the more I started to feel alive and free inside, and the path to finding my purpose and truth became clearer.  

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I felt a powerful relationship to the practice of breathing. I no longer felt like I was struggling to find a deeper sense of meaning in life. Once I began to shift my perspective and let go of things that I was holding onto, I was able to free my mind, body and soul. Yoga has since been one of the most evolving and empowering parts of my journey towards healing and self-discovery.  It has provided me with tools to undo destructive habits and to move through life with more grace and authenticity.  I am inspired and awed by the human mind and the way that our mental, emotional and physical selves are all connected … As a student, I find release through the nexus of breathwork, sound and movement by tapping into the physical body.

Over the years, I continued to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the techniques. In 2014, I completed my RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200-hour certification and went on to fulfill my RYT 300-hour certification, advanced training in Reiki, breathwork training, advanced teacher training, restorative training, and certification in health coaching. With all that I’ve learned, I have been fortunate to be in a position to help others as well.  

As a teacher, I have retained that passion for movement that I’ve known since I was a little girl. I offer students challenging, freeing and intentional classes. My goal is to provide them with the tools they need to initiate the healing process. I strive to connect with others and to foster awareness of their physical, emotional and spiritual selves. I seek to emphasize the power of breath, and the liberation that results from discomfort and vulnerability. It is my mission to help students find their inner voice and reveal their inner light. Through committing to the practice, the façade fades; the layers with which we mask ourselves begin to peel away, and the stories that we create in our minds start to disappear, allowing us to connect to our highest and truest selves. The path to freedom is not easy, and I believe it takes a lot of darkness for us to truly find our light, but the more connected we are, the easier the journey becomes. The years I’ve spent in this practice have given me the power to act, speak, and think without resistance.

I am so grateful for all of my teachers and I hope to
share the knowledge that has been shared with me.


Thank you mom for following the courage in your heart, and for always making sacrifices. Thank you dad for following your passion, and always showing up to listen. I love you both so much. Thank you angels & J.E.P for always having my best interest. Gratitude to Bee Bosnak, David Elliot and Erin Telford for being influential teachers and inspiring my heart.

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