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(in the comfort of your own home)

The New Moon is an organic way to start the week: it’s a time for us to set new intentions and attract new opportunities into our lives. It’s a time when the air starts to turn colder and animals start the process of hibernating. We are similar in the sense that we are changing as well. As nature changes, we change. 

The moon will bring lots us lots of choices. It’s a time to own our decisions, and decide what we want and what we truly need. It’s a time to think of ourselves in different ways, and to bring intention into our deepest desires. The New Moon’s energy will test us with lingering belief systems, and people showing up in our lives to teach us what we still need to learn. It’s a time for us to look within, instead of receiving validation from outside sources. It’s a time of discovery and to uncover new truths that exist dormant within us. 

Suffering often accompanies choices. It’s a time to cry it out, shift emotions and to let any uncomfortableness move through the body. Through a two-stage pranayama yogic technique we will move any stagnant energy and unsettled emotions within. During this New Moon, it’s a time to open our imaginations to all of the opportunities that accompany change. We will invite in positive change and the truth of who we are, so we can continue to evolve.

You will be emailed instructions with the link to join the group by 12 PM on 9.8.18 + a recording will be sent to you after your breathwork session.

Monday, October 8th, 2018  |  8:00-9:00PM EDT
(registration ends 9.8.18 at 2pm EDT)

Exchange: $22