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Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Whatever intentions you set at the beginning of January during the Solar Eclipse, will give the universe a path for destruction during the Lunar Eclipse. This is a powerful time when the sun and moon connect, so rebirth is really hitting us. change is a theme this month, and it is a time to open our heart, mind, and soul. Once space is created, more opportunities will come our way and pathways will open. the type of change that is coming to us helps us stay connected to our truest self. Heavy emotions and wounds will likely surface and will need to be cleared. In order for our intentions to be fulfilled it’s important that we keep our hearts open as the old continues to leave. 

Through breathwork we will release what feels heavy inside to create space for our intentions to be fulfilled. Breathwork is a powerful experience that is meant to bring an emotional release, waves of light and colorful visions. It works to clear the energy field of buried emotions and traumas, to shift our ways of thinking, habits and patterns. It’s a natural healing technique that gets us closer to our truth and allows us to feel lighter and renewed

Sunday, January 20, 2019  |  4:00-5:15pm
Gritty Buddha, 38 Forest Avenue, Glen Cove NY

Exchange: $33