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Journey into Self-Healing through Breathwork & Sound

No one gets a free pass from the human condition. the human condition reminds us that all feelings tightly held are based from fear- fear of not striving or fear of a loss of security. Samskaras are the karmic inheritance of mental and emotional patterns that we cycle over and over again throughout our lives until we conquer them. Once we understand what’s going on inside, we can then explore the stories and the fears behind our actions. Once we are aware of our inner selves, we can then work to let go of a feeling and replace it with a higher one like love and acceptance.

Breathwork is a powerful natural healing technique that works to shift any stuck emotional energy around your chakras through the power of your breath. It has the power to change the mental and emotional patterns of samskaras that we were born like fear, anger, depression and anxiety. It is considered to be an effective way to emotionally detox and will leave you feeling lighter and brighter. Once the space around your heart is open, you can better access creativity, love and joy.

Friday, June 28, 2019  |  7:30-9 PM
Life Time Athletic, 750 Zeckendorf Blvd, Garden City NY

Exchange: Complimentary

You can sign up through the activities center at Lifetime or call 516.580.7100